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Hong Kong: Asia's Cultural and Art Hub
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Hong Kong has quickly become a major art and cultural hub in Asia over the past few decades. Hong Kong's culture, of course, began with China, but it has also been heavily influenced by British colonialism, developing an identity of its very own. In fact, many people in the city are so proud of their culture they refer to themselves not as Chinese but as Hong Konger or Hong Kong Chinese.

As you explore the many things to do in Hong Kong, here are some ideas to take in this majestic city's rich culture and art.


Performing Companies in Hong Kong

Want to know what to do in Hong Kong that's great for a romantic evening full of enchantment? Check out some of the excellent performing companies in the city, such as the celebrating Hong Kong Ballet, or the Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong, which has a long history of promoting traditional Chinese performing arts. The Hong Kong Sinfonietta, meanwhile, is world renowned for its innovation and beautiful performances, while Opera Hong Kong is the opera seat of the region's world city.


Hong Kong Art Museums

The city has dozens of famous museums, and their art museums cover everything from film and tea wear to avant-garde art. The Hong Kong Arts Centre is a neat choice for a younger audience, and it should definitely be on your list of things to do in Hong Kong as one of the most respected institutes in the city. The Hong Kong Arts Centre has a digital 3D-equipped cinema, theatres, studios, classrooms and even one of the best best restaurants in Hong Kong after a long day.

The Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre is also a treat for the eyes, and this space is reserved for local sculptors, ceramics artists and printmakers. If you have a whole day to spend enjoying art, you'll also want to stop by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, with more than 15,000 local pieces to enjoy.


Events and Festivals in Hong Kong

Want to know what to do in Hong Kong that the whole family will enjoy? What better way to enjoy the culture of Hong Kong than take in some of the city's most well known festivals and events! You can check the official tourism board website to learn what's being celebrated while you're in town, but some great events include the Bruce Lee: Kung Fu. Art. Life festival, Fine Art Asia 2013, and, of course, the Harbour Race, which takes place in October.


If possible, do your best to be in town during some of Hong Kong's world famous Chinese festivals, which show its influential Chinese heritage complete with dancing lions, packed temples, glowing lanterns and incense. The Chinese New Year festival is definitely the biggest, but the city also celebrates the Birthday of Buddha in May, the Spring Lantern Festival in February, the Hungry Ghost Festival in August and the Winter Solstice Festival in December.

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